Are you interested in having Dr. Matt Smith speak at your next big event? He's interested!

Good speakers can be hard to find. Dr. Smith enjoys sharing his passion and expertise in the field of health and wellness by educating others through informative, but somehow-still-entertaining talks. You can check his availability by contacting him today. 

Dr. Smith has regularly been invited to discuss various topics on television and has extensive speaking experience. Some examples of groups he has presented for:

    - Private and Public Corporations
    - Business Offices
    - Professional Associations
    - Continuing Education seminars
    - Doctors’ Organizations
    - Sports teams/Coaches
    - Religious Groups
    - Civic Groups
    - Health Expos
    - Government Agencies
    - Grade Schools & College Classes

His presentations are scalable and can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Presentation topics Dr. Smith  has created include:

Everyday Ergonomics  - a popular, interactive talk that provides your office with relevant information and strategies for overcoming the harmful effects of sitting, resulting in a healthier and more productive work week. 

Stress Kills: And Other Stressful Facts - an overview of what stress actually is, its effects on the body, and what to do about it [*This is Dr. Smith's most requested topic]

Wellness 101 – an overview of what health is, what it’s not, how to get it, and how to keep it

The Science of Wellness – a more advanced presentation detailing the science behind human wellness

Chiropractic 101 – what chiropractic actually is, why it works, common myths, and supportive research

The Science of Chiropractic – an advanced presentation on the validation of the chiropractic wellness paradigm

Feed Your Genes - this workshop details our species-specific requirements for nutrition; a very shocking seminar for most!

Made To Move – an introduction to our genetic requirements for physical fitness; you'll never look at exercise the same!

Think Health- this workshop will show you how your beliefs affect your behavior... which affects your health; it can get uncomfortable.

Health Is Wealth – a review of the economic impact of modern illness, and the financial benefits of health

Workplace Wellness - components and benefits of a proper corporate wellness initiative

Caveman Health - ways you will improve your health by going back to your genetic roots

Better Choices = Better You – an overview of behavioral science and what governs our decision-making

Holiday Survival Guide - fun, popular talk that includes helpful tips for eating, exercising, and avoiding stress during this Holiday season

For a nominal fee, Dr. Smith can also prepare a custom presentation to fit your specific needs.

Book him TODAY for your next event! Call 205-414-7895