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The Back Story of Jan's Standing Desk

by Jan Niedenthal

Picture this scene as you walk in the office of PrimeSpine Chiropractic Wellness…

The first person you see -The Chiropractic Assistant - slumped in her chair, hunched shoulders, gazing at the computer monitor.

Overall impression = SLOPPY. This was NOT a reflection of our company's core values of spine health, mobility and wellness.

I was the new girl in the office but felt Dr. Matt would listen to my request for a STANDING DESK. I made sure the request was well-thought-out.  I researched desk options with various price points. 

Flash Forward -The shipping was fast and within no time my new and improved workstation was in place.

I did not go from sitting 6 hours to zero overnight. My goal: not to stand  100% of the day but stand at least 20 minutes out of the hour. I built from there as I got more comfortable. You must know that you can also strain your body if you stand too much. It's about mixing them up and creating a good balance.

Please realize that buying a piece of furniture or putting stilts under your computer are the ultimate solutions to the harmful effects of our sitting epidemic.

A few of my other favorite perks and behavioral tweaks that help me throughout the day:

  1. Try to move every hour for at least 3 minutes. There are dozens of apps to choose from for help. 
  2. Two nice apps you can check out : Big Stretch Reminder and Move. If digital is not for you then a sticky note/prompt on your work station that says MOVE MORE. (I do love a sticky note)
  3. Move and change your environment. Go outside and breathe in fresh air-feel some sun on your face or a few rain drops-you get it. Mood enhancers are all around us. Looking up at the sun does your neck more good than looking down.
  4. Walk more throughout the day- great for circulation plus you will be burning a few calories.
    Ask yourself - What task do I perform seated that I can do standing?
  5. Hydration Rules! You know I jazz up my water (room temp is best) It adds brightness to your day!  If you do not have an infuser just go free style. Water is a natural filter for your organs and help them function better. Your skin is the biggest organ and is mostly water.  Put a hydration-sticky note on your desk - sip every 15-20 minutes. 
    My favorite add-ins are lemons (obsession fruit) which aid digestion and improve your skin just to name a few of their benefits.
    Cucumbers are an anti inflammatory food and BOOST hydration. 
    Fresh Mint adds a natural sweetness and speeds digestion.
    The new ZingAnything Water Bottle is available online and releases more flavors than other passive infusers.  Don't just soak your fruit! Flavor combinations are ENDLESS! (Check it out on Amazon) 

My takeaway is that our bodies are not meant to sit in chairs for extreme periods of time. We need to prioritize STANDING and MOVING for our individual wellness, happiness and long life. 
Please let me know any of your rituals that make you feel more productive throughout the day. Change is hard but even little changes count!

Let's continue to develop new habits and behaviors together.  Jan