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Step #6 - You Are Made to Move

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, obesity & sedentary lifestyle are responsible for at least 300,000 premature deaths and $90 Billion in direct health care costs annually.

Do you still think wellness care cant save lives (or money)?

It's no secret that Americans are not getting enough exercise. We've eliminated P.E. from our schools, and "30 minutes of brisk exercise" three times a week is considered a "healthy" amount (it doesnt even come close).

Whats bad is that 70% of Americans dont even get that. Even worse 24% of us get no physical activity whatsoever!

Ever seen the people on WALL-E? Were well on our way, friends.

woman_running.jpgThe one thing we have to understand is that exercise is NOT an option! Its not some luxury to release stress or lose a few pounds., or something that you should try to squeeze into your schedule. Exercise is a required nutrient for your body to be healthy!

We are, quite literally, Made to Move. Our bodies expect us to exercise, and if we dont provide it to them... our health suffers.

    Are you tired of sitting on the couch and having no energy?
    Are you looking to start an exercise routine that will actually work?
    Are you flat in your current routine and looking to change things up?
    Think you know everything you need to know about exercise?

This brings me to Step #6 in my 10 Steps to Health series:

Step #6 = Do some form of activity EVERY day

I can hear the whining starting already... everybody calm down!

I havent just asked you to run a marathon every day, or fork out a lot of money to join a gym so you can exercise properly, or get in your face and scream like some drill sergeant.

But I am NOT joking about doing some form of activity, and doing it every day.

As a species, our genes have changed about 0.2% in the past 50,000 years.

evolution_of_man2.jpgWhat that means in plain English is that we are basically Stone Age hunter-gatherers living in the Space Age! Thats right your DNA is almost identical to that caveman they make fun of on those GEICO commercials that used to be sort-of-funny but are now just played out and really sad.

Think back to that time, though. If you were magically transported back into the Stone Age right now do you think you would be OK? Unless youre a world-class athlete with some wicked survival skills, you probably wouldnt fare too well.

You see, our ancestors were highly active every day. They HAD to be or theyd be dead!

Basically, they were all Olympic-caliber athletes. They covered long distances and performed intense labor every day just to survive. Not to mention all the dangerous animals trying to eat them along the way.

They lived like that every day of their lives over the course of thousands of years.

THAT is the kind of energy expenditure your DNA has come to expect!

The big mistake many of us make today is that we think exercise is optional. As a result, we have exercise habits and daily energy expenditure patterns that are completely deficient. We dont realize that exercise is a genetic requirement for health. Its NOT optional!

Your genes expect nothing less and if they get less than what they expect it initiates a form of the stress response thats actually toxic to them.

What other species does this to themselves?!? Could you imagine how long a squirrel would live if it decided to stop doing any physical activity?

So what do you do? You start incorporating sufficient levels of activity into your daily life.

Park in the farthest space from the store. Take the stairs. Go for a walk at lunch.

The most important thing is to just start developing the habit of doing more activity during your day.

I dont care if you just put on some exercise clothes in the morning or at night and go stand outside or stand on a treadmill and just breathe deeply.

You will eventually get bored and start moving. Try it and see if Im right!