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Step #4 - Feed Your Genes

I'd love to think that after reading Step #3 in my 10 Steps to Better Health series, you've started adding sufficient supplementation into your daily routine.

If you do NOTHING ELSE to improve your health (for clarification... I hope you do a LOT more), my hope is you would at the very least implement this habit into your current lifestyle.

Imagine this: For just one day, you give your body a fully-sufficient intake of

  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  2. Probiotics
  3. Organic Nutrients

Do you think you'd be healthier that day? Without a doubt!

Now, imagine just doing just Step #3 every day for an entire week. Would you be healthier? No-brainer!

For a month? Duh!

Now, imagine yourself doing just Step #3 for the rest of this year. Would you be a healthier person on New Year's Eve? No logical doctor or scientist would ever say "No" to that question.

Providing your genes with the basic nutrients they need to maintain health and homeostasis is HUGE. Simple little Step #3 helps you do this with effortless ease.

Time for the caveat I'm sure you've been waiting for:

Am I saying that you can eat whatever you want, not exercise and have a terrible outlook on life but still manage to be healthy if you simply take a few good supplements??? Dont kid yourself.

Sufficient supplementation by itself will NOT create health. It just wont. But it can help bring you closer to health. Obviously, being closer to health is better than being farther from health, right?

Dont let any of the clever marketing out there fool you, either. Even the best dietary supplements in the world cannot -- and will never -- overcome a lifestyle that is perpetually toxic.

Thats when Step #4 joins the fun. Ready?

Step #4 = Feed Your Genes!

fruitsveg.jpgThere is so much information on genetically-congruent nutrition that I actually developed four different presentations to help explain it to all the non-sciency people out there (is that YOU?). But it's critical that you understand why you're eating what you eat.

Aside from an optimally-functioning nervous system, there is nothing - NOTHING - that has as much impact on your overall health as the food you put in your mouth!

This is your easiest, simplest, most logical next-step towards health; but doesn't it seem like every nutrition expert out there seems to have their own idea of what a "healthy" diet is?

Some people get so overwhelmed that they give up before they can even start. If you haven't changed your beliefs enough to jump in and commit to a completely new way of eating, just start slowly and work to improve every day.

Here's a good starting point:

Eat fresh fruits and/or vegetables before every meal you eat today. That's it. Simple, right?

Do this and it will provide your body with loads of fiber, digestive enzymes, vitamins & minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. All of those are very good things.

And no whining! I havent asked you to give up ANYTHING! What you eat is your choice, and always will be.

Even if you have Moon Pie and a Coke every day for breakfast, that's a choice and you can still do that if you want. All Im asking you to do is to pick any fruit you like (be it a banana, an apple, some berries, whatever) and eat that food first. Then drink a glass of water and then commence with eating your Moon Pie for breakfast... I wont judge.

The same thing goes for your morning snack. Eat a handful of almonds or even some grapes before you wolf down that candy bar.

Continue the trend at lunch. Eat a salad before your burger & fries or those raw carrots and celery before you devour your wings.

Do you see the pattern? I havent asked you to give up the first thing, but think of all the good things that youre adding!

Imagine if you do this for an entire day do you think you will move closer to health or further from health that day?

You know it.

How about if you do this for a week? For a month?  A year??

Do you know the best part about Step #4? It fills you up more quickly and, over time, it will change your cravings which is the end-goal you are ultimately aiming for (otherwise you wouldnt still be reading this wink, wink!).

This should be easy. After all we are made to be healthy. Do you agree?