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Step #3 - Create Sufficiency with Supplements

Want to hear something beautiful? You are designed to be healthy. Thats not just my opinion... that's a fact.

Something else thats good to know is that your body's physiology is not just the end result of some random roll of the dice, its based on the precise expression of your genes.

What controls the expression of your genes? Something called your epigenome.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Before I lose you, heres an analogy that should make it easy:

pianokeyboard.jpgSuppose your genes (in your DNA) are a teeny-tiny but very, very, very long piano. Your epigenome would be the tiny piano player. Even though she has all those keys to choose from, she only presses certain ones at certain times.

How does she decide which keys to press? She doesnt. She plays notes and chords, expressing one gene or another, based on certain signals she receives from your nervous system.

What determines which signals she receives? Get this Your lifestyle choices! How cool is that?

**Basically, when you break it down to the cellular level, we are all simply the genetic expression of neurological signals triggered by our lifestyle choices.

The easiest way to define health is this:

  • Giving your cells the sufficient nutrients they need to maintain healthy, normally-functioning physiology (what's known as "homeostasis")
  • Removing anything that may be toxic to your cells

That brings us to our 3rd step in my 10 Steps to Better Health series:

Step #3 - Create Sufficiency

Creating sufficiency is all about getting what you need for health.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate anything in your life that could be toxic to your cells. In my experience, the best way to do this is with a "Shock & Awe" strategy where you eliminate as many unhealthy things from your diet and lifestyle as possible. But this can be a bad strategy that will eventually backfire unless beliefs are truly changed.

In that case, the best place to start is probably NOT by changing a hundred things in your life at once, but by ADDING just a few simple things into your current lifestyle that will provide your cells with the sufficient raw materials they need the most for health!

What would those things be?? I'm glad you asked!!

  1. An Omega-3 fatty acid supplement (fish oil) thats natural & mercury-free
  2. A full-spectrum, yeast-free probiotic supplement
  3. An organic, whole-food multi-vitamin (that's not synthetic... most are)
  4. Vitamin D3

In my office, I sell and recommend products from Innate Choice and Standard Process. They are the most well-made and scientifically-researched products Ive found. I dont get a penny for recommending them on this site and you dont have to buy from them, but your supplements should definitely meet the criteria I described.

By starting simply, and giving your cells sufficient amounts of the nutrients we see, to be missing the most, you can take another big step towards the goals you have for your health.