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  • 2012 Holiday Survival Guide
    For a downloadable PDF e-book of this guide, click here. Hard to believe Read more
  • Step #1 to Better Health
    NewYears Day is the symbol of new possibilities, unlimited potential and a freshstart. Regardless of how the past year went for you, THIS is the time to Read more
  • Step #10 - Organize and De-Stress
    I cant stand watching those Nanny to the Rescue shows on TV.Seeing uncontrolled children running chimp-spaz wild through the house whilemommy and daddy try to avoid a police escort to Read more
  • Step #9 - Think Healthy
    Do you talk to yourself? Dont lie!Of course you do. Its called self-talk and we all do it constantly. Its effects are powerful, and they affect your life Read more
  • Step #8 - Take It Outside
    I can't put this more simply: We NEED the sun! Its estimated that modern humans spend Read more