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  • Step #7 - Get More Sleep
    Ask people what steps they need to take to get healthy and you'll hear the typical, rote responses: Eat better, exercise more, etc., etc. What if I Read more
  • Step #6 - You Are Made to Move
    According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, obesity & sedentary lifestyle are responsible for at least 300,000 premature deaths and $90 Billion in direct health care costs annually. Read more
  • Step #5 - Drink Lots of Water
    I love trivia.Did you know that the Egyptians started brewing beer some 3000 years ago? Winemaking dates back about 6500 years ago. Do you know what we Read more
  • Step #4 - Feed Your Genes
    I'd love to think that after reading Step #3 in my 10 Steps to Better Health series, you've started adding sufficient supplementation into your daily routine.If you do NOTHING ELSE Read more
  • Step #3 - Create Sufficiency with Supplements
    Want to hear something beautiful? You are designed to be healthy. Thats not just my opinion... that's a fact. Something else thats good to know is that your Read more