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  • Beliefs... and Candy
    Last post, I established the fact that our beliefs determine our behavior. That wasn't my opinion. It's fact. And it's accurate 100% of the time. Read more
  • Step #2 - Get Your Spine In Line
    In my last post, I gave you Step #1 of what I believe are the 10 Steps to Better Health. This is the second post in that series. I Read more
  • Humor Me While I Get Serious
    I do my best to keep the moodon here light-hearted, but serious topics call for anequally-serious change in mood and ambiance. Weve all heard that theres no such thing as Read more
  • The Real Truth Behind Your Health
    Last time, I asked you if you really wanted to be healthy. People either loved my response or they hated it. My main point was Read more
  • Do You Really Want to Be Healthy?
    If Iwere to ask one of my patients if he/she wanted to be out of pain, what doyou think the response would be? Without insulting yourintelligence, yes is Read more