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  • Concussions, Sports, and Kids
    Concussions seem to be all over SportsCenter and the news lately. Why is that? FOX 6 news invited me to speak specifically on this topic yesterday. You can watch that video Read more
  • Backpacks 101 - What Parents Need to Know
    It seems to get here earlier and earlier every year doesn’t it? The 2014-15 school year is in session. My oldest son started kindergarten this year, so I got to Read more
  • 6 Ways to Travel Without Ruining Your Spine
    Do you want to know when I get nervous during a patient’s care plan?It’s not when they return to running, or working out or lifting weights.There are two things patients Read more
  • The One Big Problem With Sitting
    I recently did a live segment on our local news here in Birmingham where we discussed why sitting can be so bad for your health. You can watch the 4-minute Read more
  • Natural Ways to Fight Spring Pollen in Alabama
    It’s that special time of year when it’s easy to spot those poor souls who don’t park in a garage.Birmingham ranks #6 on Forbes’ list of worst cities for allergies Read more