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  • Big Pharma and Their Nation of Addicts
    We are in the middle of a health care crisis. And no, I don’t mean the political rhetoric surrounding Obamacare.Our crisis is this: Diseases have become businesses.Diabetes is now its Read more
  • A Disturbing Health Trend
    Many of you already know that my home state, as well the location of my chiropractic wellness practice, is Alabama.In Alabama we pride ourselves on being ranked #1 in football. Lots of Read more
  • Your Best D-fense Against the Flu
    In my last post, I gave you my opinion on the flu shot and offered an alternative solution.If you're too cool to click on the link, the alternative was this: Read more
  • Why Resolutions Don't Work and What To Do About It
    This time last year, I wrote about why I despise resolutions.There’s not any magic in making resolutions; they’re usually just wishes. That’s why they almost never stick.*According to a study in Read more
  • 8 Ways to Beat the After-Christmas Blues
    I'm all for staying positive but let's just admit it: The days and weeks ahead of us post-Christmas are pretty much a buzzkill. It’s like that long trip home after an incredible vacation.The Read more