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  • 9 Ways Fish Oil Could Save Your Life
    Last time I posted a rebuttal to the recent study that had everyone freaking out about a potential connection between fish oil and prostate cancer.If you have ANY concerns about taking Read more
  • What You Really Need to Know About Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer
    Some big waves have been made in the media recently over a new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that reportedly shows a correlation between fish oil Read more
  • Better Health in 10 Steps... A Summary
    To receive your FREE copy of Dr. Matt Smith's e-book, Better Health in 10 Steps, click here.We’re all creatures of habit. That’s why a lot of people get uneasy when the Read more
  • Human Animals
    If I operated a rhinoceros wellness clinic where all I treated were rhinos, would I give each rhino completely different nutritional, physical and emotional advice?Or do you think it’s possible that Read more
  • How Chiropractic Wellness Care Can Save Our Country
    Last post, I went all “Dennis Miller” on you with a rant about the health care industry in this country.I thought about softening things up a little bit this week, but then Read more