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  • 4 Harsh Truths About Health Care
    You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about health care. It’s all over the news, magazines, internet, even ESPN.Instead of beating the dead horse that is health care “reform,” I’d rather Read more
  • 2 Ways Chiropractic Reduces Stress
    Last time, I told you that exercise + chiropractic care will give you an UNFAIR advantage in your fight against stress.I can hear a lot of you already… “How, doc?”My Read more
  • The Best Way to Fight Stress
    So…We’ve established that you deal with stressors every day of your life... sometimes all day.We’ve explored a handful of the ways that stress damages your body.We’ve examined the fact that the stress response itself is actually Read more
  • Chiropractic and the Stress Response
    I know what you’re thinking... you’ve probably been thinking it during this whole “Stress” series.“Why is this chiropractor-guy writing about stress? Don’t they just take care of back pain?”Admit it, Read more
  • Stress: Behind the Scenes
    High blood pressureIncreased Heart RateHigh Blood GlucoseInsulin ResistanceIncreased CatecholaminesIncreased Blood LipidsFear, Anxiety, WorryDecreased Cellular ImmunityBone loss, Changes in MuscleLoss of Short-Term MemoryPain SensitivityAll of these (and many more) are seen Read more