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  • 3 Reasons Youre Stressed
    In the last post I gave you a super-cool, prehistoric analogy of what the stress response is... based on the time period in which it was Read more
  • Stress: 50,000 B.C.
    Last post we talked about stress. I asked you to think of stress more like an alarm triggered by your nervous system rather than emotions Read more
  • What is Stress?
    When I say the word stress, what pops into your mind? If youre like most people, you immediately think of someone like George Read more
  • Happy National Stress Awareness Day!
    Every April 16th is designated as National Stress Awareness Day, obviously meant to fall on the day after the infamous April 15th tax deadline. Read more
  • The Only Two Questions That Matter
    In the past few posts, we discussed what wellness is, the benefits of a wellness doctor and why a chiropractor is the better doctor for Read more