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  • Who Makes a Better Wellness Doctor?
    You might be asking yourself the question: How in the world does a chiropractic doctor fit in to the concepts of health and wellness? Since Read more
  • Benefits (and Differences) of a Wellness Doctor
    OK, last time, I talked about what wellness is. I took you through my usual thing about how wellness is providing your body with everything Read more
  • Having Good Health Is Not Good Luck
    I dont really get St. Patricks Day. Im not Irish, Im pretty sure leprechauns arent real and Ive never understood the appeal of tainting a perfectly Read more
  • What is Wellness?
    As we werewrapping up the Better Health in 10 Steps series, I promised you that wewould start discussing health and wellness shortly and here we are! So whatare health Read more
  • The Death of Resolutions
    Enough of this making resolutions nonsense. Ive honestly never met anyone who has kept one, and you know they would brag about it to anyone Read more