Once all of your information is collected and the proper examinations have been performed, you will schedule your Report of Findings visit. After having an opportunity to sit down and study your health history & exam findings, Dr. Smith will discuss your results with you at your Report of Findings.


Your Report of Findings

Dr. Smith's simple goal is to answer the 4 main questions almost everyone has:

  1. What's going with me?
  2. Can you help me?
  3. How long is it going to take?
  4. How much will it cost?

Dr. Smith will take the time to answer each of these questions for you in detail, as well as any others you may have. Answering questions is a major part of his job, and it's one he enjoys.

Your First Adjustment

 Once you're finished with your Report of Findings, you'll have the opportunity to experience your first chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Smith. The type of adjustments used throughout your care will be tailored to properly address any current issues, but will also based upon your particular preferences. Your care in this office is designed to be interactive. Everything will always be explained to you in detail, and there will be no surprises. Always ask questions and voice your concerns. Remember, Dr. Smith works for YOU!

Once you're finished, you will schedule your follow-up visit. 

On your follow-up visit, Dr. Smith will go over the custom care plan developed just for you that will outline the care necessary for you to meet your specific goals in the quickest time. These are not "cookie-cutter" care plans and Dr. Smith takes this one step further by waiting to see how well patients respond to their first adjustment before finalizing his plans. Your care plan will be designed to help you not only feel better as fast as possible, but to also help give you the greatest chance at restoring optimal health in your body.