Regular adjustment visits go very quick, taking about 10 minutes of your time from start to finish. At PrimeSpine we don't like for our patients to wait!

Don't let the brevity of the visit diminish its value! Once Dr. Smith has an understanding of your case history, your treatment plan, and how your body is responding to care, he can quickly assess what your spine & nervous system need. Naturally, he will take always as much time as necessary to properly care for all of your issues and concerns.

Every patient has their full spine checked for vertebral subluxation every single visit. Your spine functions as one entire unit, and we believe it should be evaluated accordingly. 

If you have any extremity issues from sports injuries or from overuse, Dr. Smith can evaluate those after he's finished addressing your spine. He may also perform any applicable neurological, orthopedic, postural, or muscular assessments.

Just like you see with exercise, each visit builds momentum for the next. Stick with your prescribed treatment plan and you will see optimum results faster.

To ensure that you are responding to care as you should, Dr. Smith will perform a re-evaluation every 12 visits using the computerized Insight unit. This will also allow us (and you) to actually see your results!