The following are actual quotes from real patients of Dr. Matt Smith:

"I wanted to say 'Thank you' for changing my life in a positive way! I cannot reiterate enough how great I feel and it is all because of you.  You got me balanced and aligned and now I am able to sit and run pain free.  I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about going to see a chiropractor and you have far exceeded my expectations. You have inspired me to take better care of my body as a whole. I would and do recommend you to everyone!  Thank you again!"  Liza C.

“I am the owner/operator of Combat Fitness Training Facility and CrossFit Riverchase. I spent ten years in the Army and have been professionally training unorthodox and functional styles of fitness for four years. I believe in mitigating risk of injuries through training but as I tell my athletes, ‘you can’t push the envelope without getting a few paper cuts.’ 
I train at full throttle and compete at an even faster pace. I have competed in over a dozen CrossFit competitions, run races from 5K-70K, finished of the 2011 Spartan Death Race,  completed the 2012 Survival Trial and am the 2013 Southeast Regional Champion of The Suck. Twelve hours after walking out of his office I stepped off on my personal record for a 10K.
There is no way to prepare for and perform in events like I do without conducting routine maintenance of your musculoskeletal system as well repair inevitable damages without an experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor that also has a vast understanding of athletics. 
Dr. Matt Smith has far exceeded my requirements and expectations in the preventative maintenance and repair of my body. His office and his quality of care are professional and accessible. I send all of my hard-charging athletes to him and confidently trust that I can routinely push myself to the farthest extremes of performance levels knowing he is dedicated to his patients and will be there to put me back together.” Sean D. 

"I'm just an amateur athlete, but Dr. Matt treats me like a professional. He understands my desire and my passion to constantly challenge myself and my body. During Ironman races, Cyclocross racing, triathlons and road races, Dr. Matt keeps my body moving forward by maintaining balance and alignment. His dedication to keeping me healthy throughout the year is amazing and appreciated! Countless races already completed, with more adventures to come, Dr. Matt is working with me throughout it all!"Catherine L.

I found Dr. Smith after attending a mobility workshop at his practice. As a personal trainer and health educator, I was impressed with Dr. Smith's knowledge of health and how the body works. After finding out that Dr. Smith worked with UAB athletics, I knew he was a good match for me as well. I initially went in for neck and shoulder pain, but have also found relief with my back and have greatly improved my athletic performance and my quality of life. Dr. Smith takes the time to explain his methodology, and is not only a great practitioner but also a wonderful educator. I recommend Dr. Smith to my clients and have seen them all greatly improve in all realms of fitness. Jan at the front desk is an absolute joy and makes Prime Spine a welcoming environment. I would highly recommend Prime Spine to anyone looking for a better quality of life.”Trey T.

"When it comes to staying in shape and taking care of my body, I am fanatical about who I trust. I have been seeing Dr. Matt Smith for more than 2 years now and his care keeps me and my family in top shape so we can pursue the active lifestyle we want to live! Not only do my family and I see him, but so do most of my coaches at my four IronTribe Fitness gyms in town! I can't recommend Dr. Matt highly enough!!"Forrest W.

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Matt Smith since 2011. Even though I’m a yoga teacher and a regular hot yoga practitioner, things can still get out of line, tight and painful. With Dr. Smith’s adjustments, my body is much more receptive to the yoga poses and I know I am getting greater benefit from the yoga because of chiropractic. In 2013, I was proud to represent Alabama at the National Yoga Asana Championships in New York. Thank you, Dr. Smith, for helping me to feel better and perform better!" Kate J. 

"Dr. Smith is an integral part of my family's health and wellness routine!. Over the years, he has proven himself to be both knowledgeable and effective in treating the issues my family deals with - everything from sports injuries, stress management, even autism. We have all, including my 6-year old son, benefited from his chiropractic care and his guidance. Dr. Smith is a trusted resource as well as a testament to his approach. He practices what he preaches!"Gretchen P.

"At the start of my junior track season at UAB, I began experiencing some pretty difficult pain in the right side of my low back. My sacrum had come out of place because of my off-season hurdle training. I was unable to hurdle during the indoor season and was really worried about not being able to run my best event, the outdoor 400-meter hurdles. After going to Dr. Smith, my back gradually started to feel better and I was still able to compete. I was then in good enough shape to compete in the outdoor 400-meter hurdles, which turned out to be my best season ever! I set several personal records throughout the season, placed second overall in Conference USA and even qualified for the NCAA Preliminaries. I never imagined finishing my season at such a high level, and thanks to Dr. Smith I was able to do so. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without his help. Thank you!"Rachel H.

"Thanks to Dr. Matt Smith at Prime Spine, I now enjoy my CrossFit obsession because I can lift heavier weights without constant pain and inflammation. He helps me do more than just maintain a healthy spine; he also educates me on the benefits of certain foods and vitamin supplements. On the occasion that I do get out of alignment or experience discomfort, he is always a phone call away and gets me back in line. In addition to my CrossFit workouts, I can now enjoy my two 'active' little boys because I am pain-free. The combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise and chiropractic care have changed my life! I have more energy, less pain, and am in the best shape of my life."Monica D.

"After 18 years of abusing my body through the sport of rugby and being unable to move around easily without many aches & pains, I knew I had to do something to improve my health... not only for myself but to be able to run, wrestle and play with my two young sons. After speaking with Dr. Matt Smith, I was convinced to give chiropractic a chance to relive my body of its pain. Almost immediately, Dr. Smith's adjustments began to have an effect. I was able to move around much more freely and without the pain which I had decided I was going to have to spend the rest of my life. Before chiropractic, even a simple activity such as running in the backyard was difficult and would leave me feeling worn out, sore and not wanting to get off the couch or bed. After chiropractic, I even had the energy and ability to go back out to rugby practice and run, hit and move without feeling like a battered old man! I'm glad I gave chiropractic a chance. I'm confident that it will continue make a significant impact -- in addition to nutrition, exercise, and rest -- in maintaining my overall health."Chris H.

"My life took a drastic turn 8 years ago when I started developing migraines. I was losing the things most important to me: family, career, activities with my children, church and hobbies. My days were spent behind closed doors away from all light, sounds, and scents. After months of intense treatments, hospitalizations, and experimental drugs, my doctor decided the only solution was a 6-month therapy on sleep-inducing drugs. This was the only hope, I was told there was no other alternative. Much to the dismay of family and friends, I turned down my doctor's advice and visited a chiropractor. Within a few months, the migraines that had become my daily enemy were no longer in control. Also, one by one, the 21 medications I was originally prescribed just to function were no longer needed. After years of enduring pain in silence, if I migraine should begin, I know I have a relief just moments away... medicine-free! My children and I see Dr. Smith on a regular basis. We've called on him for sports injuries, sickness and the common cold. Dr. Smith has been a great communicator and a wonderful educator in helping our family learn new and healthy lifestyle choices. This new way of life has brought balance to spirit, mind and body with principles of health that my children and I learn on every visit. We are so grateful to have such a fabulous chiropractor and we love sharing this with others."Marcia K.

"I could do a commercial for Dr. Smith! Since becoming his patient, I have noticed a drastic change in my body's capabilities. Before I started getting adjusted I could not work out and was very limited in my activities. There was just too much pain in my lower back. In addition, running was also out of the question. I would also have to lay certain ways in order to sleep at night. Since I have been under Dr. Smith's care, things have changed. I am once again able to perform any lifting exercise I choose. I am running almost every day and I am sleeping better at night. I am able to do all the training I need to get myself into the shape I want. I feel as though I do not have any of the physical limitations that were plaguing me. To sum it up, I am no longer being held back by my body. I have not felt this good in many years."Clint B.

"Since coming in to get regular adjustments from Dr. Smith, I have noticed improvement in several areas of my golf game.  I find it much easier to  get into the correct setup and keep my posture throughout the swing than I did before.  I often struggled with this and I would sometimes even experience lower back pain when trying to practice with proper posture.  Another added benefit of chiropractic care is that it takes me much less time to get loose before a round and I feel like I stay loose throughout the round.  Regular chiropractic care, coupled with CrossFit, has definitely helped my game in areas in which I never thought it could."Bo F.

"In August of this year, as a new member of the UAB student body, I experienced my own depression and feeling of lost-ness in a world completely opposite of what I had become accustomed to, culture shock if you will. I went from a completely health conscious lifestyle, to eating anything I that comforted me and calmed my emotions. After going about this hectic lifestyle for over two months I started to have unexplainable health problems, of which none of the four doctors I went to was able to explain. I reached out to my Chiropractor from my home town and asked if he knew where I should turn for help because I was positive my problems were caused by my lifestyle choices and decrease in health. He referred me to Dr. Matt Smith with a wonderful recommendation on his Chiropractic care and Wellness knowledge and certifications. From my first visit to present, Dr. Smith has been more than I could ask for in a Chiropractor. From taking away any discomfort to providing me with the knowledge I need to lead a healthy happier life, Dr. Smith has more than accommodated my health needs and questions. Dr. Smith has made such an impact on my life that I now aspire to be a Chiropractor and hope to someday reach such success in helping people live a pain-free, happy life, as Dr. Smith has done for me. I highly recommend Dr. Smith for his ability to 'Iron' out life's little wrinkles through chiropractic and wellness care." Amberly L. 

"Doc - I want to thank you for helping me with my herniated disc.  Over the last six weeks, your guidance and adjustments have made me more comfortable than I have been in the last 5 years. As you know, in the past I have consistently logged 3 miles 5 days a week but stopped several years ago due to my chronic back pain.  I have switched my workout regimen to the new Iron Tribe Fitness program but continued to experience pain until we met while working out.  I now have noticed I can push myself during the "run portion" of our workouts.  While I may continue to some have issues associated with the disc problem, I am now more comfortable and confident with my workouts due to your guidance."Eric H.

"Several years ago I was being treated by a dentist for pain I was having in my TMJ (jaw). He drilled down some of my teeth and made a splint to help my teeth & jaw work better. I never could tell a difference and continued to have popping & crunching every time I opened or closed my mouth. About 3 months after I began seeing Dr. Smith for my hips & back, I mentioned the headaches I was having as a result of my TMJ problems. He starting adjusting my TMJ and I received almost immediate relief! Since that time I have been absolutely amazed by the relief I've had with my bite and my jaw. My teeth are centered for the first time in my life and I can actually eat without worrying about being able to bite or chew. I never knew such a treatment even existed and I am delighted to have such a vast improvement. I no longer suffer from popping or crunching when I open or close my mouth. I am so grateful for the relief Dr. Smith has given me over the years and I would certainly recommend his treatment to anyone who is suffering from TMJ problems."Margean C. 

We value our patients' experience at PrimeSpine Chiropractic Wellness. While we can't promise results like these for every patient, we CAN promise that we will always work hard to provide you with the highest possible level of chiropractic care available. Call our office today and see if Prime Spine is the missing ingredient for reaching your health goals!

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