Wellness Care

Maintenance is Key to Healthy Living

There is one goal Dr. Smith has for every patient who walks through his office door: Chiropractic Wellness Care.

He's not shy about saying that either, because he knows just how vital chiropractic wellness care is for maintaining a body that is as healthy as it can possibly be. There's no way for us to sum up wellness care in one short web page. In fact, Dr. Smith does an entire series of wellness workshops in our office (and outside the office through his public speaking engagements) that detail all the wonderful benefits of wellness care.

The primary goal of Relief Care was to reduce your pain.

The primary goal of Corrective Care was to reduce the effects of vertebral subluxations in your body.

The goal of Wellness Care is to prevent subluxations from showing up in the first place!

It's important to know that wellness care is not just about chiropractic! It includes diet, exercise, thought patterns, and managing stress in ways that are genetically-congruent with what our bodies expect. As the only Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner in Alabama, Dr. Matt Smith is an ideal mentor and ally to have on your road to better health.

Once your body is functioning optimally, periodic chiropractic wellness care provides the necessary assessment and stimulation to ensure that your spine, your nervous system and - ultimately - your whole body are running in peak condition! The wellness phase of chiropractic care usually involves a quick visit to our office anywhere between 1-4 times per month, based on a patient's lifestyle and health goals.

Most patients find that when they make routine chiropractic care a part of their healthy lifestyle, they avoid many of the aches and pains that so many people suffer through, their joints last longer and they are able to engage in more of the activities they love. Isn't that what life is all about anyway?